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In England lebt der liebenswerte Doolittle-Feinbrand-Sohn Dr. Brandy, den Louise King hier bei uns über das German Horse Center gefunden hat. Der lektionssichere, bis zu Zweierwechseln ausgebildete Goldfuchs aus der Zucht von Josef Wernke hat das große Los gezogen, fand er doch eine liebevolle Besitzerin mit eigenem Hof, auf dem er mit engstem Familienanschluss lebt.

"Hello Julia,

 It is now some months that Dr Brandy has been with us and I write to express my heart-felt gratitude for all your help in finding him. I still can't quite believe that he is such a perfect match for me. We all can't believe how lucky we are to have found Dr Brandy.  Our riding goes from strength to strength.  Plainly, he is a talented sport horse, but he also has such an excellent character. As you knew from Malcolm, I am not a hugely experienced rider but with this horse I am able to learn fast without annoying him. He is very forgiving and already we have a strong bond.  In the stabling and in handling, he is both respectful and affectionate.  His manners are excellent.
I am hugely grateful to Julia Wentscher for her diligent and efficient help and completely accurate advice. She told me this horse could be nervous in new situations but with patience that goes. This has been my experience and by taking our time, Dr Brandy is now completely relaxed in his new routines. I am naturally quite a careful person and it is a good match for Dr Brandy because he responds so well to a patient approach.  I now just have to 'let go' a bit in the riding and let him be the best he can.  We shall start competing soon: I will send you photos when we do.

I have learnt how best to load Brandy with time.  He just needed to know that there is no option but to get on!  I use no force but just consistently ask him to go on until he does.  I have a new lorry and he travels much better in that.  

Malcolm says he could do with 15 Dr Brandy's for his various clients!  I just happen to be the lucky one.  He is lovely to have around and a pleasure to ride.
 I could not recommend the approach of the german horse center to buying horses more. Our Horse Tour was wonderful, with horses selected which were completely appropriate for me and all effortlessly arranged by  Tanja. However, it is perhaps the clarity and honesty of the advice that I was given by Tanja and Julia that I value most. That can be a commodity in short supply in the world of horse buying and it erodes trust and confidence. The professionalism and integrity of your organisation creates a climate of trust and as a result I now have a horse that dreams are made of.

He looks very beautiful and shiny at the moment!  We love him very much and he is my very dear friend.
Thank you so much,
 I am in your debt, And with very best wishes, Louise King
PS maybe a bit later on we will come to you to see if you have a baby Brandy!"

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